How To Add Buttons in MAXSEO Blogger Blog Post

How To Add Buttons in MAXSEO Blogger Blog Post, Get Demo Buttons, Download Buttons, Buy now Buttons, Visit a link Buttons.

✅ Steps to Add Buttons in MAXSEO Blogger Blog Post
- Open this post:
- Copy the button code
- open the post where you want to add buttons
- paste the code
- in this button code, you can see add here your button link,
- simply remove it and type your button link.
- now, remove this add here your button text.
- and type your button text.
- now update your post.
- now, if you want to open the button link in the new window, not on the same page.
- then simply go back to the post editor.
- now click on the button link.
- click on the edit icon.
- click on advanced.
- tick mark on open this link in the new window.
- if you want to keep this link as nofollow,
- then tick mark on add rel nofollow attribute.
- click on apply.
- now update your post.
- done.

Simple Button

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Button Medium

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Buttons With Icons

Demo Button Small

Demo Button Medium

Demo Button Large

Download Button Small

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Buy Button Small

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Visit Button Small

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