how to use Google Images without copyright issues

how to use google images without copyright issues

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Hello guys,
in this video,
I will be showing you,
how to use google images without copyright issues using your laptop or pc.
so first of all,
open chrome browser or any other browser you use.
now open
now search your image on google,
which you want to use.
now click on images tab.

now, Google shows only the images which are related to your search image.
now, these images mix with copyright and no copyright.
so now, we need to filter these images as our preference,
so click on tools.
now, click on usage rights tab,
here, we can filter images by usage rights.

now, there are two options for usage rights,
one is creative commons licenses, and another one is commercial & other licenses.

Creative Commons licenses are like you can use an image,
but you have to add image attribution in your work,
These licenses may be for commercial use,
or personal use,
so whenever you open that type of image, you should check license details on the image page.

when you select Commercial & other licenses,
then google show you the images, which can be used for business purpose.
this option is the best for bloggers and YouTubers.
if you want to use images on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other websites, where your purpose is to earn money,
then you should use commercial license images.

now click on the image which you want to use.
once you open the image, click on visit the image site page.

now before you download the image,
please check the image license.
you can find the image license on the image page.
if you don't find an image license on the image page,
then don't use the image.
safe and trusted websites provide image licenses on the image page.
so when you want to use Google images,
then first check the image license,
and make sure the license is under public domain, Creative Commons, or Commercial use allowed.

some image sites allow us to use their images with image credit,
so whenever you find an image that required credit or attribute,
then please add an image link in your project description.

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