7 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Website

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Website

So while you may have read tons of information about designing good, quality website, there are a few things that you should not do while designing a website. Even today, it is really sad to see many web marketers and designers make some fundamental mistakes while designing a website. If you are a web marketer or a web designer planning to design your website, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid

From design to usability to technical errors, here are the top 7 mistakes to avoid while creating a website:

1. Fulfill the Needs of your Customers: Always remember that your website is to fulfill the needs of your audience. The website should be designed to either provide information or sell products or entertain. Not having a clear motive for your website is one of the biggest mistakes in making a website.

2. Able to Understand Instantly: One of the most common mistakes in creating a website is to make it complex and confusing. Don't make your customers work hard. People should understand the message and theme of your website within the first five seconds of their landing on the home page.

3. Don't Make Flat Designs: Visitors have a very short attention span while browsing online. If you want to attract their attention on each of the elements on your website, you must be careful while using colors, backgrounds, images and textures. Use the right amount of contrasts so that things stand out clearly. People are bound to ignore features that merge or not prominent.

4. Keep Short Sales Funnels: Having lengthy sales funnels is yet another mistake while creating a website. Visitors entering your sales/registration pages are those who have gone through all the earlier sales stages and are just one step away from being converted into customers. Lengthy sales funnels can frustrate them immensely and make them leave your site, dreadfully forever.

5. Don't Rely only on one Medium: It is possible that your PPC ads are delivering the expected results and you don't feel the need to invest in other online mediums. This is a mistake not in making a website but in your online marketing strategy. As a smart web marketer you must also think of building other online mediums like social media, SEO and affiliates so that you have several things working for you. This is especially helpful if the returns from any one of them suddenly decline.

6. Have a Logical Navigation: The key to make your website successful is to have an easy and logical navigation. If people cannot browse and find the information easily, it will drive them away forever. Confusing tabs or lengthy navigation are one of the fundamental mistakes in creating a website.

7. Updating site with fresh & relevant content: People like to visit websites again and again to check what is new. You need to constantly update your website with fresh content that people are looking for. Leaving your website with old and irrelevant content is yet another mistake in creating a website. If you think you can't update, you better not make a website at all.

These are the top 7 mistakes to avoid while creating a website for your business. Although, these seem simple, you will be surprised at the number of web designers and marketers who still make them.

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