Create Your Own Art Gallery

Creating a professional art gallery does not require any technical skills. It is very simple and anybody can do it. It's just that simple! You can have a look on how it's done by taking a quick tour or observe what artists like you have already created.

Do you crave for a free online gallery?

Now you can create your online art gallery in 10 minutes and can also have it free for a lifetime. You imagine it is not achievable? Just give it a little try and open free online gallery.

Your personal art gallery web site

We will help you to put up a specialized online art gallery, by yourself in a few minutes. Art gallery that you make will be an independent website that will have unique address, search and browse, completely directed by you and just by you. You can also make your gallery in whatever way you want - artistic portfolio, online catalogue, web art show, commercial art gallery, private art community, or whatever you can consider about.

In your gallery website, you can also create as well as maintain separate display of your work and modernize them anytime. You can choose an appropriate design template, and modify the color themes in order to create an exclusive feel and appearance. You can as well publish news and keep posted in your art gallery, over and over again.

Your unique art gallery website might become an influential communication medium to display your artwork on your personal information, a medium that is particularly important today, in the human era of internet to sell art.

Setting up your art gallery

Setting up art gallery web site is intended to be both fast and simple. You do not require any HTML programming talent or any technological background to set up and running in ten minutes. Just click on try free button and go after the instructions. Information that you enter can also be updated afterwards. The registration procedure is simple and takes a minute. All personal information that you will provide will be strictly kept confidential and will not be shared or else sold to third parties.

How to Build and editing your art gallery

When you are done with the registration procedure you enter to the administrative section where you will start building your website gallery or modern art gallery

In this section: You can choose a design template - choose a common outline layout for your art gallery. Afterwards you can change it: content of your gallery web site is template independent, that is changing your design template will not spoil or else change the content of your art gallery at all. You can also edit colors and add paintings to make a unique look, after choosing a design template. You can select colors of text and background, different colors for different parts of the template and you can make use of the colors from existing color palette or else make new ones.

Your web gallery should be convenient to the visitor to buy art. Also visitors should be attracted towards your work by seeing your art online. You can utilize perceptive building tools to make text and gallery WebPages, which will become your web site art gallery navigation. Within your website gallery you can also change names and order of the web pages. You can either add or delete them.

To your text pages you can put in texts, images, links and titles with that you can also add images of artworks to your gallery pages; insert information to all artwork defining the title, category, medium, method, type, size, cost, artist, owner and give additional comments. All diverse parameters of an artwork will become completely searchable in your gallery. You can look at your information and status, select subscription package and alter it anytime.

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