How to Host a Website

How to Host a Website ?

Learning how to host a website can be a very simple process. Maybe you have received a quote from someone and thought it might sound expensive. That's because it probably is, and you won't get any value from paying someone else to host your site (or sites) for you.

It is simpler than ever now to just get a hosting plan online and take hosting into your own hands. You really don't need to know any technical aspects, as there will most likely be step-by-step videos for you in the control panel area.

Here are 7 must have features of a hosting plan online...

1) Unlimited Domains allowed to be hosted- You never know how many sites you'll have in the future. Why pay more?

2) Unlimited Bandwidth- This allows you to have as many visitors to your site as you want. Your site wont crash, and there wont be "overage" charges if too many people are visiting.

3) Unlimited Memory- You'll want to make sure the hosting company allows you to put as many files as you want on your website, and there is no memory restriction. You may want massive files on there, such as numerous videos, and you don't want to pay extra.

4) Step-by-step Videos- This is extremely important.

5) 24/7 Customer Support- Excellent customer support is a must. Having a real person to talk to on the phone whenever you have any trouble is a real plus for a hosting company. It's like having your own hosting tech working for you.

6) Cheap- You shouldn't have to pay more than $10 or so dollars a month for a shared hosting plan. This means you share space on general servers with other people.

7) Unlimited Email Accounts- You'll be able to create as many emails as you want with a good plan.

Okay, so take these 7 features that cost less than ten bucks a month and compare them to some of the plans that local companies are offering. It's no wonder why so many people are just choosing to host their own websites with an online company.

There really is little advantage to paying someone else to simply collect money from you to do this service. You'd be surprised at some of the other fun features that can be included as well in hosting plans, like Wordpress (a blog creation software) that will let you make websites in minutes from scratch.

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