How to Make Money With Premium Numbers

How to Make Money With Premium Numbers

The point of this article is to learn how to make money with premium numbers. Making money quickly using premium rate services may seem far fetched and unrealistic at the beginning, but the simple truth is that premium rate number services have become financially rewarding to many business owners. Service operators have made use of premium rate numbers to promote fast services in order to generate revenues quickly. There are several service providers worldwide who offer premium numbers upon which they charge for the services used per minute. For instance, the service operator can charge you $1.50 for the services used per minute.

The next step is to understand how it is possible to make money using premium number services. First, determine what kind of service you are interested in offering your customers. For instance, you can offer a variety of services ranging from horse racing tips to joke lines and horoscope reading. Other kinds of premium number services include hardware and software technical support, virtual chat lines and web consultancy. Before offering any kind of service to your customers it is important to verify the contents of what you are offering, otherwise in case of violation of regulations of content against premium rate services the ICSTIS may bring about an investigation against you.

The next question is how much potential earning is possible from premium number services? The earnings are substantial and can make you rich quickly. You can earn up to $200 per day if your services are of high quality. For instance, if your record a storyline that earns you $1 per day with the holding time averaging 6 minutes, you can make $6 from each customer call. You may receive up to 30 calls on average each day.

You can also target making earnings from the premium rate SMS service. The potential of earning from the SMS service is even more as once a customer requests for your premium services you can continue sending messages until a stop message is received. If the rate per SMS is $1 per message and you send out 10 messages to one customer, the potential earning stands at $10 per customer, each day. Having a subscriber base to send SMS services will generate more revenue throughout the day. For instance, if you have a 30 customer base the revenue generated from SMS services will be $300 per day. While these statistics may seem lower than premium rate call services the popularity of SMS services in general will generate more revenue than it would for the call services.

Before beginning on this new venture, promoting and advertising your services is a must. In order to build a premium number service which is successful effective forms of print media and advertising has proven positive results. While the advertisements may be costly, the investments made far outweigh this. Another form of advertising is building your own website and promoting premium number services. If your website is able to pull in the required traffic your premium rate services will become popular and your sales will skyrocket in no time. Engage in a thorough market research before embarking on this new venture to check what sort of premium rate services are very popular and what customers are able to relate the most to.

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