How to Make a Web Page The First Steps

How to Make a Web Page - The First Steps

How to make a web page, you ask? It does not matter whether you are a new to the World Wide Web or a software engineer. It all starts with the following steps:

1. Get your domain name.

Getting a domain name is your first step. Your domain name can be almost anything, and it is the name of your website. Acquiring a domain name does require a yearly fee, and this generally will cost you around 10 dollars. Please note that this only gets you the name of your website, and not the website itself.

To register your domain name, you must contact a company known as a registrar. Godaddy is a popular registrar that I often use.

2. Sign up with a web host.

As soon as you have your domain name, you must pick a hosting company. A hosting company is responsible for connecting your site to the web. More often than not, you will be offered to purchase hosting from the company that you bought your domain name from. However, you are not required to do so, although for the sake of simplicity, it often makes the process easier.

The price for hosting packages range in cost, but you should expect to pay around $10 a month for a decent host. If you have a hard time deciding on a good host, ask the people around you who have a website and seek their opinion. The steps to creating a hosting account is quite simple and you only need to fill out a few forms to have your hosting package up within minutes.

Do not lose the confirmation email that is sent to you by your hosting company. It has information that is necessary for your goal in learning how to make a web page.

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