How to Use Forex Trading For a Living

How to Use Forex Trading For a Living

Heard of someone earning thousand of dollars from stock and share trading? What about Forex? You can also earn thousand of dollars from trading currency. Let me explain it for you in simple English.

For an average person, you may need $10k monthly income every month. This will equal to $500 daily. And for forex trades, one full contract 100k gives you $10 dollar a pip. So you have to target 50 pips win a day to give you five hundred dollars. The foreign exchange have more then 10 currency trading actively with high low range of more then 100 pips. You can easily achieve 50 pips win everyday.

Looking at this situation, to achieve $500 profit daily is not impossible if you have a winning strategy and consistent trading few hours daily. Once you hit your profit target you may stop for that day. So in real life you may only spend 10 minutes or half and hour to look at the market charting and execute your trade.

Sound wonderful? This is achievable if you have a good winning strategy and able to access the market from anywhere. With internet access getting popular, trading platform now able to access from mobile phone, tablet and laptop, forex trading can be perform anywhere as long as you can log into your forex trading account.

Trade anywhere, trade anytime and win 50 pips a day! On an average trading day, hundred of pips and dozen of currency moves and market is volatile enough even on average trading days for you to pick up a trade, setup and execute the buy or sell. But in life, you wont win all the time. You may loss 50 pips today but gain 100 pips tomorrow. You may loss 250 pips this month but win 800 pips next month. But overall with consistency, if you manage to have an overall win of 50x 20 = 1000 pips every month, getting a $10k income from forex is possible.

How to be consistent and make 1000 pips every month? You can choose to trade many small profits daily or large profit over weeks. In over a month, you may just have to achieve 1000 pips profit. In my case, I uses automated trading which help me gain 1000 pips by computer running program which automated the strategy to execute buy and sell trades for you in your trading account.

Using MT4 expert advisor, running these programs will automated and gives you 1000 pips in order to achieve your monthly income of $10k. If you found an average expert advisor which gives you 100 pips win every month, you can multiply the trading lot by 10 to give you 1000 pips or setup 10 trading account to total give you 1000 pips (assume 100pips from every trading account). You may even choose many different expert advisor to run and collective give you a total average of 1000 pips. (EA abc give 500 pips + EA def give 200 pips + EA xyz give 300 pips = total 1000 pips monthly).

On top of using automation of MT4 expert advisor, the good things is that you can keep adding good profitable program as you found them on the internet or blogs or forum. You can also create your own strategy into programming codes and run your own expert advisor. You can increase this leverage by creating more trading accounts from different brokers. To further increase your 1000 pips win every month, you can trade manually on top of automated trading, especially fundamental trading using market news.

News that affected country GDP, sale index, consumer purchase, export and import can move the currency in a very fast trend direction. Many traders uses such news to gain hundred and thousand of pips within days. As you can see, there are many news release every month and in dozen of countries with dozen of economic calendar release dates.

To sum up all, earning $10k a month from forex trading is possible and if you trade will money management, you may be able to double your profit to $20k a month within months and months of earning (monthly using accumulated profit). To find out more, visit my website for more information.

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