Make My Own Website - How Do I Do It

Make My Own Website - How Do I Do It?

One has often thought, "how can I make my own website"? How do I go about it, it must be difficult? You must have the correct mindset for a start. When you first drove a car you were all over the road until with practice and experience you eventually drove in a straight line. Much the same with creating your first website. You do have to learn some basic fundamentals.

You see these great ads that say "you can make your own website in 10 minutes with our website generator you don't need to know anything ". "Just click this and click that and you will be OK". You end up with a flashy site that basically does nothing in the realms of earning any money online if that is what you are after. You still end up not knowing a thing about how websites are really created especially if you want to make money from them.

So you think to yourself, "There must be a good way for me to learn how to make my own website"

Well there is, but it means that you need to learn at least a bit about creating a website. You need to know a few fundamentals of how to go about it. But it is not hard, especially if you are of reasonable intelligence. There are thousands of normal intelligent people out there who thought "can I make my own website" and ended up doing just that and earning money from them.

So what was their secret?

They decided that they really did need to learn a few fundamentals and on top of that if they wanted to earn money from a website they also needed to learn a few fundamentals about marketing on the Internet.

So how did they learn all this?

They found some good tutorials on creating websites. (I mean actually creating then not just clicking a few buttons). They also found some good tutorials on how to market online and what is more a crowd of people who will give them advice (a forum) when they got stuck.

There are lots of offers on the Internet that state they will teach you. Some are good some are bad. Some are just to light and some are just to technical. You don not need to be technical to create a reasonable website.

There are also membership sites that encompass the whole thing. Teaching, nurturing and providing a community of like souls all helping each other. They all started off thinking, "can I make my own website"

If you are thinking, "how can I make my own website to earn money online" Then you have to think of it as a business and like all businesses there is a ramp up phase of learning and implementing. The great thing about this is most of cost is in time not expense. You do not need a load of startup capital to get going and get a website online.

In conclusion a membership site is probably the best way to get started and certainly the best way to learn as you will be mixing with people who have gone through it all. They are all to willing to help you over the occasional bumps. You are not alone and dependent on creators of tutorials that always seem to cost the earth and give no real help. A lot of members of membership sites were just like you thinking. "All I want to do is make my own website and make some money".

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