Why I Got Started In Article Writing And Blogging

Why I Got Started In Article Writing And Blogging

I'm not a straight a student but I've always done pretty well. I'm currently pulling a 3.5 GPA in college so I figured why not use some of that talent to promote myself and my products on the internet. I started article writing back in 2007 as a way to try to generate income for myself. I use to create websites with Google Adsense, Kontera and Affiliate Programs and tried earning income that way.

It did okay but not terribly great. So in 2009 I finally setup a blog all by myself. I mean my first fully Search Engine Optimized Blog. After this we started making more affiliate sales and overall our traffic was steadily increasing after we converted our primary network marketing websites to a blog in April.

The reason is blogs are made in such a way where the search engines just love them. When we make a post to our best blog the post is usually spidered within 5 minutes and we're ranking, not necessarily in the top 10 this quick but we do rank somewhere for whatever targeted keyword phrase we write about. This gets me excited and so does writing in general, so it's a passion I don't think I'll be dropping anytime soon.

When people ask me how to become a successful article writer or blogger I tell them all the same thing. Find a niche you can sell something in and that you are passionate about, preferably a niche with a lot of buyers. Then write one unique blog post per day on that niche. Also write a separate article on that niche and point your anchor text links back to your blog. This will give your blog consistent, incoming backlinks.

If you do this everyday for long enough, say 3-6 months, you will start to see the traffic on your blog increase rapidly. When you submit articles to the major article directories, lots of other blogs pick them up and use them creating even more backlinks to your website. This will give your blog more authority in the Search Engines and it will cause the Search Engines to come back and spider your blog more often.

When I first started Article Writing it was a bit of a chore for me. But what I notice is that when I keep on doing it, it gets easier and easier to write. Many Article Marketers are hung up on using low competition, decent traffic keywords to write their articles around. While I believe this can help, I also believe that writing what you really feel is what many people will pick up on and be attracted to. I also have noticed that writing articles reviewing specific products and programs has helped our traffic tremendously.

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